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"當一道料理上桌時,它的溫度、氣味、型態,都會告訴你,它準備好了 。"

法文裡有一個詞叫 prendre ton temps,
和英文的 take your time意思一樣,最好的對等中文就是"慢慢來"。




About  XDINING Bistro
When the dishes are ready on the table, the temperature, the smell and the look, will be telling customers that it is about time for them to enjoy the perfect moment.
Knowing how to savor the taste of food and how to slow down the tempo and enjoy lives could be characterized as Italians and Taiwanese symbols of the spirit in common.
Savoring the flavor of each mouthful and chewing the food well are just like "MAN MAN CHI" in Chinese, which does not mean delay, wasting time, and inefficiency. "Predre ton temps" is to French what "Take your time" is to English, which is similar to "MAN MAN LAI" in Chinese.
XDINING's insistence on cooking philosophy is "Fair and softly goes far". No half-processed products are used and more delicate dishes are constantly created.

XDINING has consistently adhered to get dishes delicious, healthy, and high dining quality principles.